EASY Halloween Table Topper Tutorial – Step-by-Step

By Alanda / September 29, 2017

In Australia, we don’t really celebrate Halloween. I always make sure I have a bowl of treats to give away, but we very seldom get anyone out trick or treating. And because we don’t celebrate Halloween, it makes it a bit of a issue when buying fabric, we just don’t have the selection that our US counterparts have.

But that doesn’t mean we should be lax when it comes to creating Halloween decorations for all our lovely US followers. So with that in mind we always add one or two Halloween tutorials to our YouTube channel. This year we have gone with a Halloween Table Topper. It’s quite easy to make and looks amazing,  plus we will show you how to bind a hexagonal design. So let’s get started.

halloween table topper tutorial

We have two sizes that you can make. The large table topper measures approximately 26½” from point to point and the small measures approximately 20½” from point to point.


Small Table Topper

  • 6 strips measuring 2″ x width of fabric (for the quilt front)
  • 3/4 yard fabric (for the backing)
  • 3/4 yard of quilting batting
  • 2 strips measuring 2¼” x width of fabric (for the binding)

Large Table Topper

  • 12 strips measuring 2½” x width of fabric (for the quilt front) – Note: You will need two strips for each colour.
  • 1 yard fabric (for the backing)
  • 1 yard of quilting batting
  • 3 strips measuring 2¼” x width of fabric (for the binding)

Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.


  • Start by laying out your strips in the order you would like them to appear. Watch the video below for tips on best layout options.

halloween table topper tutorial

  • Sew the 6 strips together using a quarter inch seam. (If you are creating the large table topper, you will need to do this twice. So you will end up with two lots of strips sewn together. They should be identical so ensure that you sew the 6 strips in the same way for each.)

halloween table topper tutorial

  • Iron the seams all in one direction.

halloween table topper tutorial

halloween table topper tutorial

  • Lay out the triangles in the pattern you desire.

halloween table topper tutorial


  • Sew together in lots of three using a quarter inch seam.

halloween table topper tutorial

  • Now sew the two pieces together with a quarter inch seam to form your quilt top.

halloween table topper tutorial

  • Use your quilt front to cut a template from the backing fabric and batting. Leave about an inch or two around all sides to allow for quilting.

halloween table topper tutorial halloween table topper tutorial

  • You can quilt this in any way you like but to start with, we stitched in the ditch along the long seams (as shown by the red lines in the image below).

  • Then we stitched on either side of the seams running around the quilt. I’ve only illustrated on one of the seams in the image below as shown by the dotted red line, but we stitched around all of the seams.

halloween table topper tutorial

  • Trim your quilt on all sides.

halloween table topper tutorial

  • Now you need to add your binding. Watch the video below for tips on adding a binding to a hexagon shaped quilt.
  • If you need help with binding head over to our binding tutorial here.

Watch the Video for this Tutorial


  • Evelyn Lee says:

    The first thing I ever made was your handbag last year. I have never sewed before or owned a sewing machine until last year. I have sewed nearly every day since and am addicted ! I recently made the Christmas table runner , my first attempt at quilting. I am thrilled with it. {she said modestly] Thank you so much. I am going to make the cushion covers with the 10inch middles when I buy the definitive material . When I get good at posting photo’s I will send you the results .

    • Alanda says:

      Welcome to the world of sewing and quilting Evelyn.You certainly have joined the ranks of the addicted :). Quilting is really so much fun (interspersed with a little frustration at times). We look forward to seeing photos of your projects and reading about your quilting journey, on the website.

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