Strip/String Quilt for My Grandaughter Ce’Nedra

The quilt I made for Cedie was made from our How to Make a String Quilt  tutorial. This one was made some time ago but I just didn’t get around to finishing it.

So as her birthday was approaching it was time to get it out of the cupboard and finish it off.

Although the blocks and sashing were made using the techniques in our String Quilt tutorial, the backing was done using the same method as our Easiest Quilt Ever tutorial.

  • The outer edge of the quilt was topstitched to catch in the opening that had been left to turn the quilt through to the right side.
  • I ditched stitched between the outer edge borders.
  • The next thing was to quilt it to hold everything together. I did some linear quilting, which I quite like on this sort of quilt.
  • The lines are 1″ apart and I drew the lines onto the quilt to keep them straight.
  • I sewed from the top to the bottom, turned the quilt and sewed back in the opposite direction. You can see an example of linear stitching on our Triangle Table Runner tutorial.



Layer Cake Quilt for My Grandaughter Ishta

My grandaughter Ishta and her husband Evan both turned 30 this year. Their birthdays are within a few days of each other. So I decided to make them a quilt for their birthdays.

I wanted this quilt to be a little wider than the size I usually make so I added 4 borders. I didn’t have a full layer cake pack so I took squares from a couple of different packs and also cut some of my own stash into 10″ squares to add to the mix, and I was really happy with how it turned out.

  • This ended up being quite a large quilt 90″ x 110″. Thank goodness Chris has a large quilting machine.

You can see the borders and the beautiful quilting detail in the photo below.

These are the finished sizes for the border:

  • Border 1 – 2″
  • Border 2 – 4″
  • border 3 – 6″
  • Border 4 -5″

  • I used the dark grey for the binding as well as the last border.
  • I think the cream coloured backing suits this quilt.

The quilt was quilted by Chris from ‘Sew ‘n’ Sew Sisters‘ here in Australia. I highly recommend Chris, her quilting is beautiful and really showcases even a simple layer cake quilt like this one.

Honey Honey Layer Cake Quilt for My Daughter Varinia

April is a busy birthday month for me, so this year I made decided to make some Layer Cake quilts for my daughter, Varinia, my grandaughter, Ishta and I finally finished the Strip Quilt for my granddaughter Ce’Nedra.

Layer Cake quilts are quick to make. I simply lay the squares out on the floor and move them around until they look aesthetically pleasing. Then I take a photo so I remember how I want the quilt to come together.

This quilt is Varinia’s. I love the bright summer colours in this ‘Honey Honey’ layer cake by Kate Spain for Moda.

The quilt is laid out in squares 6 x 7. I find that using a full layer cake of 42 squares makes a nice size for the finished quilt.

  • After sewing the squares in each row together, I sewed the rows together to form the centre of the quilt.


  • I used the one of the materials from the collection for the backing and another for the binding.

  • I added a 3½” inch blue border and a 6½” green border.
  • Chris from Sew ‘n’ Sew Sisters quilted the quilt and I just love the pattern she chose.
  • You can check out our video interview with Chris here.

These Layer Cake quilts make such lovely presents.


Snuggle Blossom Crib Quilt- Our First Quilt Pattern

We recently spent some time designing and writing up the full instructions for our very first quilt pattern. The Snuggle Blossom Crib Quilt pattern is now available in our Alanda Craft Store.

Usually the best part about making a quilt is choosing the fabric. But in this case we designed the pattern first and then chose the fabrics. We made two quilts, one in soft, muted toning of blues and grey.The second is in vibrant colours using purple and green. We just wanted to test how well the quilt would adapt to the different colour variations. And I have to say I think it works really well in either.

This is a crib sized quilt, so it will make a lovely gift for a new mum-to-be, or for your own new family addition.

snuggle-blossom-crib-quilt, quilting, craft, sewing

This is the vibrant version. It hasn’t been quilted as yet, but I will upload photos once it has been done.



Connor’s Caterpillar Heavy Hauler Truck Construction Quilt

For my eldest great grandson’s birthday I decided to make him a quilt featuring the Caterpillar heavy hauler truck, construction quilt.

  • The panel features a CATerpillar heavy hauler truck and measured 36″ x 44″

caterpillars panel

  • I got a bit carried away with the borders and ended up with a quilt measuring 70″ x 90″, quite a large quilt for a young man. I keep telling myself that it will last him for a few years.
  • The first thing was to trim up the panel. I decided to keep as much as possible of the black outer edge.
  • I thought that keeping the black border add depth to the next border which has the the yellow construction trucks printed on it.
  • This border was 3 ½” finished.

construction-quilt-front, caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, quilt panel, truck quilt panel, quilting, sewing, craft

  • I felt that a 1.5″ yellow border was in order next, just to keep the colour theme going and to add brighten up the next border which is a 4½” mottled grey material.
  • Then I added another 2″ black border.

construction-quilt, caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, truck quilt, quilting,craft, sewing

  • Everything was coming together nicely, but now the quilt was becoming too square, so to make it more of a rectangle I added the black and yellow “construction” stripes to the top and the bottom of the quilt.
  • These construction strips measured 5¾”.

construction-quilt-front.caterpillar heavy hauler quilt panel, truck panel, quilting, craft, sewing

  • Then it was just a matter of finishing off with a 6″ border featuring heavy construction vehicles.

construction-quilt,caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, truck quilt, sewing,quilting,craft

  • The back is dark grey with spots and I added a yellow stripe for interest.
  • Then it was time to have the the quilt top quilted. Chris from Sew ‘n’ Sew Sisters quilted the quilt with construction vehicles and machinery. You can see the detail in the picture below.
  • She used a silver thread and it really makes the quilt pop.
  • I have to say that as always I just love the way she quilts my quilts.
  • The next time you are looking for someone to quilt your next quilt I highly recommend Chris.

construction-quilt-back,caterpillar heavy hauler quilt, truck quilt, quilting, sewing, craft

  • Once it was quilted it was time to trim the quilt and bind it.
  • I decided to use black binding. We looked at using the yellow or the grey, but decided that the black definitely added depth to the design.