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Sizzix Big Shot: Can You Cut Felt or Foam Using Framelit Dies

By Alanda / August 12, 2015

  One of our lovely youTube viewers asked if we knew whether or not the Sizzix Big Shot cuts out felt or foam using Framelit dies. Well to be honest we hadn’t tried this out previously so we thought we would give it a go to see just how well the Sizzix would cope cutting out with […]


Sizzix Big Shot: Can it Cut Leather?

By Alanda / February 11, 2015

The Sizzix Big Shot is a versatile machine and in the past we did a video showing how it  cuts out 34 different materials.  At the time we didn’t have a piece of leather to try, so this video is in response to  one of our readers who wrote asking if we could show how well the Big Shot cuts out leather.


Sizzix Big Shot: 34 Materials It Can Cut

By Alanda / October 14, 2014

  We just wanted to test our Sizzix Big Shot to see how well it cut a variety of materials.   In this video we show you 34 different materials that we tested.  Most worked great, a few didn’t work quite as well. Some materials needed a helping hand from a pair of scissors just to […]


Sizzix Big Shot, Die Cutting and Embossing Machine, Unboxing

By Alanda / August 14, 2014

One of our recent purchases was the Sizzix Big Shot die cutting and embossing machine.   We had heard a lot about the Sizzix when we were looking for a machine that would cut out multiple layers of fabric precisely and easily.  The Sizzix Big Shot certainly fits the criteria. It works on paper, fabric, […]