Readers Project: Snail Trail Quilt

A big thank you to Mike for sending this one in. Doesn’t it look awesome. Just two colours but oh so striking and I love the border design. All I can say is Wow.

Mike says: “This was the second quilt I ever made–in 1976. The fabrics are reverse color prints.”

If you want to make your own Snail Trail Quilt, you can start by checking out our tutorial for the Snail Trail Block here.

snail trail quilt

Readers Project: Sharyn’s Baby Rag Quilts

Note From Alanda Craft:  Oh Wow, don’t Sharyn’s rag quilts look amazing.  I love both quilts, they look really great, and I do like the bright colours she has used for the quilt she made for her grandson. Sharyn used our Rag Quilt tutorial to make these quilts, but she used 6½” squares instead of the 10″ squares that we used. It just show how easy it is to adapt the pattern for this quilt. Really love the quilts Sharyn, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us.

Sharon Says:

Hi Wanda, I made 2 rag quilts, the bright one for my New born Grandson, when I finished it I made a pink one for my Niece’s 1st birthday.
I used the 3 layers of flannel as you did which made the quilts softer and fluffier, rather than the wadding in the middle which was how I made my daughter’s quilt a few years ago. I cut the squares at 6 1/2 inches, 1/2 seams. I am so happy with how they turned out.
A very easy quilt to make. I only had a week to make the pink one and I had it done in just a few days. Thanks for a great tutorial which is so easy to follow. 💓💓



Readers Project: Sharyn’s Mothers Day Patchwork Cushion Covers.

Note from Alanda Craft: I absolutely adore these cushion covers that Sharyn has made for her mother for Mother’s Day. She adapted our Charm Square Cushion Cover tutorial and I love how the smaller squares really bring out the old world charm of these fabrics. Your  cushion covers look awesome Sharyn and I just know you mum will really appreciate your making these for her and there is not doubt that she is going to love them.  Thank you for sharing your photos with us, and thank you so much for your lovely comment.

Sharyn Says:

I wanted smaller squares for my covers and I cut 25 squares @ 3 1/4 “. So my sizes were all a bit different but I still followed your tutorial all the way Anna managed to get a finished product. They are for my darling Mum to match her quilt which I made with out a pattern as I wanted an old world style quilt for mum. It’s far from perfect but mum loves it, and I hope she will love the cushions, she will get them for mother’s day. Thankyou for your wonderful tutorials Wanda and Paula, so easy to follow.


Readers Project: Gabrielle’s Charm Square Bag

Note From Alanda Craft: Charm squares come in a range of beautiful designs and you can see an example in Gabrielle’s lovely charm square tote bag. Rather than batting, Gabrielle has used double sided fuseable foam to pad her bag, such a clever idea, and it works just as well. Love your bag Gabrielle, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us and thank you for your lovely comments. 

Gabrielle Says:

Loved the tutorial Wanda & Paula did for this tote bag. Made it today but used double sided fuseable foam. Was very impressed with how it turned out, and how easy it is.

gabrielles-charm-sqaure-tote-bag, craft, sewing,quilting


Readers Project: Ann’s Gypsy Velvet Bag

Note from Alanda Craft: Who doesn’t love the silky smooth feel of velvet. But as we all know velvet can be a real pain in the proverbial to work with, but the results are stunning. I just love the colours that Ann chosen for her velvet bag. Paisley is one of my favourite looks, very reminiscent of a bygone era.  And the lining she has used sets it off nicely.  Ann used our Gypsy Velvet Bag tutorial to make her bag.  I have to admit, we also had a few problems with the cord to start with.😉

Ann Says:

This is my first attempt. I’m pretty happy with it. I learned a few things from it. I had more trouble with the cord handle than the bag. 😊


anns-velvet-bag.slouch,bag, craft, sewing