How to Use Your Own Fonts with the Brother Scan N Cut Type Converter

Brother recently introduced a new feature that allows you to use fonts on your computer and convert the words that you create to cutting files.  It’s a piece of software that you load onto your computer and you can type in words using and then save them to an FCM file which can be read by your ScanNCut machine.

This video takes you through the step-by-step process on how to set up the software and how to create words using your own fonts and save them to cutting files.

Brother Scan N Cut – How to Weld Text on Your Machine

Welding text on your Brother ScanNCut is really handy when you want to add names and messages to your projects.

Watch the video or see the full written instructions below.

 Here is how to do it:

  • Turn on your machine and Select ‘Pattern’


  • Select Fonts icon ‘Aa’


  • Select the font you wish to use.
  • Some fonts will weld better than others.


To weld text you need to add one letter at a time. If you add a whole word you will not be able to weld the text.

  • Type the first letter of your word.
  • Press OK.


  • Select Set.


  • Your letter now shows on the screen.


  • Select ‘Add’, to add the next letter.


This will take you back to the home screen. Repeat the process outlined above.

  • Select the Fonts icon.
  • Select the Font you wish to use.

I want the next letter to be lower case.

  • Select the icon for Upper/Lower case. aA


My word is Ben. So now I select the ‘e’.

  • Press Ok


  • Press Set.
  • Select Add.


  • Repeat the instructions as set out above for adding the ‘e’.
  • I now have my full word showing.


Now we need to make the letters larger to work with.

  • Select the icon on the top left hand side of the screen.


  • Click on the Select icon.


  • Click on the Select All icon.
  • This will highlight all of the text.
  • Press OK.


  • Select the Group Option.



  • Once the text is grouped you can move it around the screen.
  • Place the word near the middle so you have room to enlarge it.
  • Select the Height/Width icon.


  • Change the height and width of the text using the Plus and Minus buttons.
  • Press OK.


Now we need to ungroup the text.

  • Select the Group/Ungroup icon.


  • The letters are now ungrouped but they are still showing as selected.
  • Decide if you want the letters aligned at the top as shown in the picture. Or if you want them aligned along the bottom.
  • To change the alignment, Select the Nudge icon.


  • Select the Alignment Icon.


  • Select the ‘Align to Bottom’ icon.


  • The text is now nicely aligned to the bottom
  • Press OK.
  • Press OK a second time and you will come to the screen where we are ready to weld the text.


  • Click on the screen to separate the letters.
  • Do not move the letters manually as they will go out of alignment.
  • Select the Nudge Tool.


  • Select the letter you want to move.
  • Using the nudge tools, move the letter until it overlaps the previous letter. In my case I am moving the ‘e’ so that it overlaps the ‘B’.
  • Then move the next letter in the same way.


  • To check how things are lining up, Click on the Zoom icon.
  • When you are happy with how the text looks, Press OK.



Now we need to weld the text.

  • Click on the ‘Select’ icon.


  • Click on the ‘Select All’ icon.
  • Select OK.


  • All your text should be highlighted.
  • Select the ‘Weld’ option.
  • Press OK.


  • You will receive a message asking if it is OK to weld the pattern.
  • If you want to make further changes Select Cancel.
  • If you are happy with how the letters look Select OK.
  • Press OK a second time and you are ready to cut out your welded text.


Pollyanna’s Embossing Mat for the ScanNCut – Demonstration and Review

pollyannas-embossing-mat-1I have done parchment embossing in the past and so I am well aware of how long it takes to create a design. In fact it can take quite a few hours to trace and emboss a pattern. So when we were contacted by Phil who designed the Pollyanna’s Embossing Mat, I knew I had to give it a try.

What I like about it was that it was made for the Brother Scan n Cut (and apparently other cutting machines) and what this means is that the time taken to trace and emboss would be reduced dramatically.

So we purchased the mat and since we would be reviewing it he kindly included the embossing tool and some parchment paper.

We were excited when it arrived and couldn’t wait to put it through it’s paces. We tried different Draw Pressures in the Scan n Cut from 0 through to 6 and all worked quite well. The pressure you use will depend on the effect you want to achieve.

We like the idea of the embossing tool that Phil has also designed, as it fits neatly into the drawing pen holder, making it super simple to set up. You can also use your own embossing tool with the Universal Pen Holder.


Simply select your design and run the embossing mat with the parchment paper attached (with masking tape), through the ScanNCut.  The first run through will trace the design onto the parchment paper. You can unload the mat and remove the parchment paper if you want to do your own embossing at this point. However, if like me, you prefer to let the ScanNCut do the embossing as well, then simply leave the mat in the machine after the first run and let the machine do a second run to deepen the effect.  DO NOT remove the mat between the drawings. The ScanNCut will draw perfectly over the first tracing to give you the embossed effect that you are looking for.

Experiment with the draw pressures to get the effect you are looking for. I had so much fun playing with this.

Overall, we are really delighted with Pollyanna’s Embossing Mat. We know Brother have just released their own embossing kit but after seeing the long winded process that is needed to emboss with their kit, I have to say that the Pollyanna is a far simpler method. I must also say though that the Brother Embossing Kit can also be used on thin metal. But if you are looking for a mat that will quickly and easily save you hours when embossing parchment, then we recommend the Pollyanna’s Embossing Mat.


Phil is based in the UK but sells worldwide from his website ‘Pollyanna’s Parchment Craft”

He has added new products to his line including a Card Embossing Tool



Brother ScanNCut – How to Transfer Cutting Files

One of the questions we get asked a lot is “How do I transfer the Brother ScanNCut files from the internet to  my computer and then onto my Brother ScanNCut using a USB”.

We have free Brother ScanNCut cutting files available on our website for you to download when you sign up to our newsletter. You can also use this same process when you find free downloadable files on other websites.

In the video below, Paula takes you through the process.

Alanda Craft Training Academy – Now Open



The Alanda Craft Training Academy is now open.

Our first training course is ‘Getting Started’ using your Brother ScanNCut.  This is a fully comprehensive course with over 25 downloadable videos and written instructions that can be downloaded in PDF format.

This is the first course in a series of four.

  • Getting Started
  • Mastering Your ScanNCut
  • All You Need to Know About Cutting Fabric
  • Mastering Brother Canvas Software.

I have to say that it has been a lot of work but it has been well worth it.  For those of you who follow us you know that we love our Brother ScanNCut and we have had so many emails from people who just aren’t getting the use from their machine that they should.

This first course is for those who have just bought a ScanNCut or have one sitting in a cupboard and are frustrated or daunted by it. We have demystified the Brother ScanNCut for you.