Dream Machine 2 Overview – Innov-is XV8550D – Parts 1 & 2

We have been having so much fun with our Dream Machine 2. There is so much to  learn about it as it has so many wonderful features.

So we thought it was time to follow up our unboxing video with an overview of this amazing sewing and embroidery machine.

In Part 1 we discuss the external features of the machine.

In Part 2 we discuss the screens and talk about the different features that are available to you in each of the different screens – Sewing, Embroider, Disney and My Design.

If you are thinking of buying a Dream Machine 2, we absolutely recommend it, and here is a link to the where you can buy the machine here in Australia.

We will be bringing you more tutorials and projects soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Our Dream Machine 2 Unboxing – What’s in the Box (Innov-is XV8550D)


We have been tossing around the idea of getting a Brother Dream Machine for about a year now. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these? This is an absolutely awesome machine and the features on it are just amazing. Every now and then, we would find a video on YouTube promoting some of its features and ooh and ahh over the wonder of it all.

We really never thought that we would eventually get one, and when the opportunity arose, we took it and went and purchased a Dream Machine 2 (Innov-is XV8550D) from EchidnaClub here in Australia. We got an amazing deal as we also purchased a Baby Lock Embellisher and the complete suite of Embrilliance software. But even so, the deal for simply purchasing the Dream Machine on it’s own with Echidna is pretty awesome as you also get a Hemingworth cabinet with 300 embroidery threads, plus their P.I.E Home Training CD. And by the way, the Hemingworth cabinet is awesome. (You can read our review of the Hemingworth cabinet here.)

We were so excited when it finally arrived and we were dying to open it all up and have a play, but we wanted to record an unboxing video first. That was hard as it was like having all your presents sitting in front of you on Christmas Day but you can’t open them until after breakfast or something….aarrghh!

Anyway, we managed to get the unboxing video done and here it is.

Impressive!!!! you betcha.


Our New Hemingworth Embroidery Spool Thread Cabinet Has Arrived (Review)

It’s just like Christmas here at Alanda Craft. We recently purchased a Brother Dream Machine 2 from Echidna Sewing in Queenland. The machine itself is still in transit, however, as part of the fantastic deal that we received from Gary at Echidna, we also received a Hemingworth Embroidery Thread Cabinet with 300 spools of thread included.

For those of you living in Australia, we recommend Echidna Sewing if you are looking for a great deal on sewing and embroidery machines. We purchased our Brother ScanNCut 2 from them and Gary and the ladies are always friendly and helpful.

Well the cabinet and thread arrived today. So Paula got busy with the tools and put the cabinet together. Then we set about adding the 300 spools of thread to the cabinet.

Fortunately, the cabinet comes with a decal display with the thread numbers that goes on the front of each drawer. So you can see instantly where your threads are located in the cabinet.

It actually holds up to 315 spools of Hemingworth thread, so once you have all 300 spools, there is still room left to store 15 extra spools. Really handy for when those threads you use a lot and so want to keep a couple of extras on hand. Or you can also store other brands of thread that you may have on hand. The drawers hold any thread spool with a 2″ base or smaller.

The cabinet has 7 drawers that slide out easily on the metal runners, and each drawer holds 9 spools across and 5 spools deep.

It is an attractive, stand alone piece of furniture that has a white maple laminate finish. You can also mount it on the wall if you so desire. All the hardware to do this is included. If you do lots of embroidery and feel the need to have more than one cabinet, you can stack them one on top of the other.

We are so loving this cabinet and having all those 300 spools of threads is just amazing.

hemingworth-thread,hemingworth thread cabinet

About The Thread

Hemingworth Thread is a 40 wt, 1000 metre polyselect embroidery thread. The thread comes in a holder that has this really neat spool and cap system that both protects the thread from dust and preserves the thread quality.

The thread is soft and supple and another really important feature is that it is colourfast.

hemingworth-thread,hemingworth embroidery thread

We wondered how on earth we were going to match up our Hemingworth threads to the colours in our Brother Embroidery Machine, but fortunately  for us Hemingworth have matched 96 of the Brother Colour Palette. You can buy the Brother matched thread individually as well as in sets of 32 spools or in a set of 64 of the most popular  Brother colours.

hemingworth-thread,hemingworth embroidery thread

For our US readers the empty cabinet is available from Amazon and once you have it you can start to store all your lovely Hemingworth threads.