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Brother ScanNCut Tutorial: Fixing Problems with Welding Text in ScanNCut Canvas

By Alanda / September 20, 2017

With Brother’s introduction of the Type Converter, it now makes it possible to use pretty much any font with your ScanNCut machine. However, not all fonts are created equal and you may find that when you try to start welding fonts in ScanNCut Canvas that you may get all sorts of issues. One of the most common is the error message ErrS07 – [Cannot execute this operation with an open or intersecting path. (ErrS07)]

So when a reader asked us to take a look at a font she was having trouble with, we felt a video tutorial was in order to try to explain the process we go through when we see this message and also how to weld text without losing the inside shapes of those letters like O and B for example.

  • linda Down says:

    Excellent video very easy to understand thank you

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you sooo much for this video (and all your videos)- I love how simple you make everything and that there is no background distractions in your videos.

    • Alanda says:

      Thank you Elizabeth. I find videos with background music to be a distraction, and often I can’t hear what the person is saying, which can be very frustrating.

  • Rowena Magsino says:

    Thank you so much for this!

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