Brother Scan n Cut: How to use the Photo Scanning Mat

By Wanda / October 13, 2015

I am interested in genealogy and have a number of old documents such wedding  and death certificates, plus a number of old photos that are rather fragile. But I like to use copies for scrapbooking.  With the Brother Photo Scanning Mat I can make the base for the page without having to handle the documents too much.

You can also scan in things such as woven badges, some of these have interesting shapes that can be used on a scrapbook page, but you don’t want to damage the back by having it stick to your regular mat.

So the Photo Scanning Mat is great for scanning fragile documents but it can also be used to just scan in shapes that are on a delicate background.  Check out the video to see just how handy this mat is.

Please remember that the cover is not removable. Unlike the other Brother Scan in cut mats  where you remove the dust cover,  the cover on the Photo Scanning Mat is there to hold the documents in Place and therefore does not get removed.


  • Jean Hislop says:

    many thanks for all the goodies ,love hearing from you you make every thing look so easy thamk you Jean

  • Pat says:

    That was a great video for this beginner. I’ve watched a whole lot of videos but none of them showed what you have shared on your video. Thank you so very much for your time. Pat

  • Lee carter says:

    What is the cover sheet made of?? If you know

  • Sharon says:

    Hi, do I need a special photo scanning mat or can I use the normal scanning mat for photos

    • Alanda says:

      Yes you can use the Standard Mat Sharon, however, be aware that it is sticky so don’t use it for delicate or fragile items that you cannot replace. The Scanning mat isn’t sticky and that why you can scan fragile documents with confidence.

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