Bag Tutorials

Super Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial – (Zippered Purse)
If you have been wanting to create a zippered purse or pouch but have been a little too hesitant because[...]
Velvet Gypsy Tote Bag Tutorial
  This bag is made from recycled velvet. We visited the local op-shop and picked up some old velvet skirts[...]
Patchwork Tote Bag with Couching – Tutorial
I love using 5" squares to make bags. Everything is precut and you don't have to think to hard about[...]
Tote Bag Tutorial – How to Box a Corner
Adding a boxed corner to a tote bag gives it some stability  so that it will stand up on its[...]
DIY Canvas Tote Bag Tutorial
We've been meaning to create a tutorial for a canvas tote bag for some time now, so when we found[...]
Checkerboard (Bargello) Tote Bag Tutorial
We love making tote bags and we also love the Bargello method of creating quilts so we had to combine[...]
The Alanda Bag – Handbag Tutorial
Here is our tutorial on how to make a handbag. These are ideal to run up to match an outfit[...]
Easy Beginners Zippered Pouch Tutorial
We had quite a few Moda layer cake squares in our stash that we have been wanting to use on[...]
Easter Egg Tote Bag
Your little ones are just going to love taking one of these bags out on an Easter egg hunt. But they are[...]
The 2 Tea Towel Drawstring Beach Bag Using Microfibre Tea Towels
 My thoughtful granddaughter, Ishta, bought me a pack of 10, 100% polyester, microfibre dish towels from Costco and one look[...]
Brother Scan n Cut: Halloween Trick or Treat Bag
These cute trick or treat bags are going to be just ideal for your youngsters to carry all their loot[...]
Super Cute Moda Charm Square Tote Bag Tutorial
You can make this tote bag from a Moda Charm Square pack or you can create your own 5" squares[...]
The Very Big Craft Bag by Alanda Craft
If you are looking for a big bag to take to craft class with you then you are definitely going[...]
The 3 Tea Towel/Dish Towel Tote Bag Tutorial
How often have you looked at your stash of lovely tea towels ( dish towels) and thought I wish I[...]